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Providing financial literacy education to audiences of all types using various entertaining and engaging methods. From seminars to textbooks to software we can help whether you are trying to learn more about personal finance or you are a financial literacy professional looking to add content or improve delivery.



To get you started, we have some blog posts/articles for nice light reading. If you want some personal finance tips, this is your place.



If you are looking to learn even more, then we have a number of books and workbooks based on your needs. Whether you want print or e-book format, we have you covered.



Now it’s time to put that learning into action! With our Free DebtorADE™ Payoff Calculator you can see how long your debt will last and how much it will cost. The Full version will give you payoff details based on multiple DebtorADE™ strategies



If you are looking for a certification to teach personal finance or work with college students, a certification program is available. If you are a financial counselor looking for resources to add value for your clients, we have that too.


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The Money Professors are featured on television, radio and print. We lead keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops. We educate, entertain, and train. Our philosophy is, “If they are not laughing, they are not learning.” Our topics range from basic financial literacy for the learner through training of the educators.

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