Three Ways to Make Money Online

As a blogger or website owner there are three basic ways to make money online for the information marketer. You can make money through ads, through affiliate programs, or through selling your own product or service. Many of the most profitable bloggers earn their money through a combination of these three strategies.

Make Money Through Ads

Not everyone wants to do all three for various reasons. Some marketers feel that placing ads on their site cheapens the look and feel. Some of the more profitable blogs I have come across look like someone combined dozens of billboards and a magazine and accidentally spilled it all over their website. It was like my A.D.D. took over and it actually made my brain hurt. There may have been useful information on their website, but I couldn’t concentrate enough to find it and sift through all of the ads. I couldn’t understand what I was looking at. A total mess. But, they make lots of money. I guess I am just not their target audience.

Other sites had a few strategically placed ads throughout their site and along their sidebar and those did not bother me in the least. In some instances I may have even clicked on one or two if they were relevant to me, so these seem to work pretty well.

Make Money Through Affiliate Programs

Companies love when you let others know how great they are and send people their way. In fact, many companies will actually give you a percentage of any sale they make from your referral. To do this, you need to apply to become one of their affiliates. If they accept you, they will provide a specific link that your readers will click on from your website. By the code in the special link, the company knows you referred that buyer and they will pay you accordingly if the customer does in fact spend money.

You can write reviews for companies or products, send email specials to your mailing list or simply include links within your blog posts, e-books, etc. There is no shortage of ways to promote affiliate links – just make sure you follow their rules and guidelines was well as all disclosure laws.

Some bloggers make $50 – $100 per month though this method – while others make over $10,000 per month. It depends on the size of your audience, the type of readers you have visiting your site, and the quality and relevancy of your content and the items you are promoting.

Make Money Selling Your Own Products or Services

Of course, if you really have something to offer, you can always sell your own products. These include:

  • e-books
  • workbooks
  • coaching programs
  • one-on-one consulting
  • online courses
  • physical products
  • software
  • training videos
  • and more…

Really the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and what people are willing to buy online. The key is that you have to offer something of value. Nobody likes a scammer who just uses lots of marketing hype but doesn’t deliver a quality product. You have to market your product so others know how awesome it is, but first you have to make it awesome.

To learn more about how to make money as a blogger, continue to follow along as I take you on my journey starting with our first month of earnings, which were only $21.95 (February 2016). We are in the process of building our blog right now!

You can also check out a great e-book called Building a Framework from a fellow blogger, Abby. (See what I did there? I provided an affiliate link to her book!) She has built a highly successful business online.

(Some of the other affiliate programs – and these are what I actually use to build this site – are Hostmonster.com for hosting my website and Thrive Themes for the theme design and layout.)

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