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I am so excited to help you get started on your path to debt elimination and building wealth! You may be somewhat hesitant, but rest assured that we can work together to put a plan in place that will help you knock years off of your debt, save you tens of thousands - or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and do so without really making any big sacrifices to your lifestyle! 

Since The Money Professors is owned by actual college professors, we already work with "students" of all ages, from 16 - 65. So we understand your unique stage of life.

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Send an email to: with the subject line "Debt". Alternatively, we will contact you with the email you provided upon checkout, but if you don't want to wait for us, go ahead and send the email to us directly.


We will contact you and schedule a time and a way to meet: either by skype, phone call or some other method.


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Build your wealth!


Change the world around you for good!

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