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We are committed to help every individual with their personal finances in whatever way suits them most. We have training, courses, books, and coaching. The best way we can direct you to the right resources is to understand where you are in your financial situation.

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I Want to Manage My Money

​Looking to manage your money? We can send you to the right resources, articles and freebies! All to make sure you manage your money better from budgeting to investing to paying off debt and more!         

Student Loans - The Money Professors

I Want to Earn More Money

Lots of people claim to help you make more money. Why are we different? We actually teach business, marketing, and finance - at colleges - full time! We can really help you make money running a blog or through internet marketing. 

Student Loans - The Money Professors

I Want to Pay off Debt and

Improve My Credit Score

You have come to the right place! Our flagship seminar was on this very topic. We understand the ins-and-outs of credit scores and we really understand the best strategies to eliminate debt.

Student Loans - The Money Professors

I am a Financial Educator

We want to help you help your students or clients! Do you work for a school? Credit Union? As a financial coach or counselor? We have the tools and resources to make your life better!

Student Loans - The Money Professors

I am a Parent of a College Bound or

Current Student

We get it. Everything from financial aid to college acceptance - or waiting lists... ugh. Then how do we handle money once they go away? What can I do to help? We can guide you through all of that and more! 

Student Loans - The Money Professors

I am a College Student or

Recent Graduate

We work with college students everyday. For real.  We know what you are dealing with - no money, lots of loans - we get it. And we can help. It's what we do!

Debt to Dollars Workbook

The easiest, proven systems to pay off debt and improve your credit score.

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Bring Us To Speak at Your Next Event

The Money Professors are featured on television, radio and print. We lead keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops. We educate, entertain, and train. Our philosophy is, “If they are not laughing, they are not learning.” Our topics range from basic financial literacy for the learner through training of the educators.

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We Can Help You With Your Next Money Related Event

Whether you are putting on a large personal finance fair, a student event, or a conference, we can help. Our contacts in the financial industry means that we can present, market, create customized content, and find other presenters for your event. Make us the feature, or put us behind the scenes... if it's related to personal finance we want to be a part!