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Sample Topics for Students, Parents & Educators

For Students

Making the Most of College
Ideal for Any Student, Any Time, including Orientation
Students will learn how to be successful in college, responsibly handle student loans, and position themselves to graduate on time and with a job.

Money Rules! Every Student Wants to Know
Ideal for Orientation, Welcome Week, or Anytime Before Graduation
What is financial literacy? How much does it cost to not understand money? Students will learn how easy college budgets can be, the 5 rules of credit cards, and how time and money are related.

From College to Career
Ideal for Graduation, Career Week and Professional and Social Fraternities and Sororities
Your students are excited about the transition from college to the real world, but are they ready? All the tips and tricks they need to find and keep a successful career.

“I think he was great and very entertaining – definitely the best speaker I’ve heard on financial literacy.”
Zandria Williams , Student, Savannah State University
“This presentation was very enlightening on how to avoid financial debt. Mr. Pratt was very good, and his presentation was GREAT! I am financially savvy due to this presentation.”
Anita Gaines , Student, FCC

For Parents

How to Keep Your Kid from Moving Back Home after College
Perfect for Orientation Sessions, Parent’s Weekends and Open Houses
Parents will learn how to help their student maximize the college experience, keep costs down, and graduate on time and with a job.

“I don’t know how you did it, but in less than a semester you have accomplished what we have been trying to get across to her for years. Your methods work.”
Mike Ruppert , Parent

For Faculty/Staff

Managing Debt & Credit
Staff Development Workshop
What are the effects of debt on your financial security? What are the best ways to defend against debt and manage it properly? What is a credit score, how will it affect you and what can you do to improve it? All these questions and more will be answered in this workshop designed for the working adult.

Making the Most of Your Money
Staff Development Workshop
You will also learn the four basic rules of making your money work for you. You will learn the difference between saving and investing. Learn how to beat inflation. Is risk good or bad? Should you stick with simple investments or are the more complex ones better? This workshop, designed for the working adult, will remove the mysteries from the world of investing and retirement.

“This was a great presentation – both engaging and informative. I especially appreciated the recommendations (and exact percentages) of what portion of my income I should be saving… It was wonderful!”
Poorna Phaltankar , College Adviser, Martinsville High School

For Educators and Counselors

Tips and Tricks to Teach Students about Money
Ideal for conferences and training
In this workshop, educators learn valuable techniques that are currently used by many of the most successful personal finance educators anywhere. The workshop is interactive and involves participation from the audience as each learning tool is demonstrated. The workshop is guaranteed to have participants laughing, learning, and gaining a new perspective on how much fun it is to educate our youth about money.

“I have sat through so many financial literacy seminars. This is the first one that made sense, because Bill made it simple and easy.”
Tabatha Thurman , Financial Education Specialist, WEOKIE Credit Union, Edmond, OK

For Peer Counselors

Financial Development Workshop – Training for Peer Counselors
Ideal for conferences and training
This full day (5-6 hour) personal finance workshop will take your financial peer counselors through a broad range of financial topics, including college success, student loans, credit cards, budgets, and more. The workshop wraps up with a session on presentation skills. (Can be combined with the Tips and Tricks to Teach Students about Money workshop).
– Making the Most of College
– Personal Finance at 30,000 Feet
– Managing Debt and Credit
– Money Tips
– Presentation Skills

“Bill, thank you so much for speaking to us College Advisers about personal finance and professional development. The talk was extremely practical and informative. Every student and professional should be given this information in order to make the most out of their lives and continue to achieve their much desired goals and dreams. Your talk made me re-examine myself to evaluate my next steps in life.”
Christine Marie Quilpa , College Adviser, George Washington High School


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See What Others are Saying!

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and we thank you for sharing your insights and expertise on personal finance!”
Kristi Mills , Student Activities Coordinator

“This presentation was very helpful. I started to think about my next career steps. Between financial planning and very clear tips on what to do in the career search, I took a ton of notes and have a lot of strategies to improve my search.”
– Devin Underhill, College Adviser

“The information was presented in a way that kept my interest… Very useful information and good knowledge in the field.”
Brittany Barr , Student, Hilbert College, NY

Our Speakers are Passionate about Debt & Finances

“I didn’t know how much affect bad credit score has on other things like getting a job or buying a car.”
Stephanie Baumgart , Student, Hilbert College, Hanburg, NY

Students will walk out of our presentations armed with more knowledge about credit cards, debit cards, and debt than they would have learned in ten years. They will know enough that they could explain credit and debt to their parents!

“This seminar was great! I learned alot about credit cards… I’m going to use these tips for my advantage.”
Lauren Harshman , Student, Frederick, MD

Your students will never look at money or debt the same. They will be inspired to start managing their finances and controlling their spending.

“The information actually helped because I was just charged a fee and it put me over my limit, so I know for the next payment to put more money than I was going to.”
– Keonta Grant, Phi Beta Lambda member, Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC

We can even train your staff so they are better prepared to speak to their students. 

“Presentation was fantastic… I definitely plan to use this information with my high school students.”
– Olivia Hudson, College Adviser, Virginia College Advising Corps

Give Your Students What They Want!

Students want to know how to make the right decisions with their money. After all, they go to college as an investment in their future. The last thing they want to do is start out stressing about money, having to make decisions against high pressure sales people and media who are trained to take their money. At the very least, students want to know the tactics that are going to be used against them. At the very best, they want to know the rules of money and how to win.

“The information was relevant to our lives and much appreciated!”
– Samantha Beard, Student, Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin

The earlier students are able to learn how to spend responsibly, the lower their chances of getting into financial trouble. The fewer students that experience financial stress, the fewer that will drop out of school. What that means to you is lower attrition, and more financially successful alumni.

“The workshop was easy to follow…”
– Joseph Paternostro, Student, Hilbert College

“Extremely helpful. I loved every second of it.”
– Diane Zagorski, Student, Stevenson University in Stevenson, MD

More Comments…

“Clear, to-the-point, easy to understand”

“Enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”

“Eye-opening, helpful.”

“Very easy to understand, good presentation with valuable information.”

“Speaker was very good, very funny and well-spoken, made everything clear to understand.”

“Great information, great enthusiasm about subject.”

“Great sense of humor, gives scenarios to better understand money.”

“Great slides, sense of humor is appealing.”

“Great, explained concepts clearly and concisely, voice was well-projected, kept audience involved.”

“Knowledgeable, gave a lot of ways to be more smart with decisions on money and things to do in life.”

“Learned the 50 percent solution, debt takes away your choices.”

“Made the information interesting and kept attention through seminar.”

The Money Professors offer professional presentations, seminars, and workshops for college students, academic administration, and businesses. We speak at colleges, conferences, classrooms, and corporate events. We are available for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, classroom lectures, and training.