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We are working on a number of courses related to spending smart, owing less, and earning more. The courses are being built on the Teachable platform, which means they will be easy to use and you won't waste time waiting for pages to load or figuring out how to manage the course. Some of the courses will be available for free, others will involve a deeper level of learning and will have a nominal cost involved. Your first money lesson: Investing in yourself guarantees the greatest return with no risk! 

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Debt Elimination and Credit+

We have a few products that have just been released! They are both designed to help you get out of debt! In fact we are working on a new course called Debt to Dollars - Improve Your Credit Score; Pay off Your Debt; Upgrade Your Life. The Turn Your Debt into Dollars Workbook is now available. The DebtorADE™ Payoff Calculator is a downloadable MS Excel file that will help you pay off your debt faster and is also available at an introductory price. 



Here you will find books written by The Money Professors, published by Viaticus Publishing and ready to ship immediately. Books can be ordered individually from or directly from The Money Professors website. Bulk discounts are also available.



There is a lot of information out there, but how can you be sure you know the right stuff? Why not get certified? Designed for anyone who interacts with students regularly, this certification program will help you feel confident enough in personal finance to assist students. The program is not sold or owned by The Money Professors, but our consulting team helped design the curriculum.



Interested in some light reading? Check out the personal finance articles written by The Money Professors. Posts include everything personal finance with a few business related posts sprinkled throughout.



Need to calculate a car payment? A mortgage? How much you need for retirement or for life insurance? (Almost) all of your calculation needs can be found here.

NOTE: This link will open a new window and take you to an outside website for Inceptia's Certification for Personal Financial Management. The calculators are owned by Inceptia and were designed under the direction of The Money Professors' consulting team.

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Professional & Educational Resources

From 'White Label' products you can use as your own to customizable book covers to training, we have you covered. We will continue to develop content you can use to move your business forward. Whether you are counseling, coaching or educating, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to deliver top-quality content and resources for your clients.

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