Professional Resources for

Financial Educators, Counselors and Coaches

Counseling Session

Resources will be available soon... Here is a hint of what is to come:

'White Label' Solutions

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We will be able to offer your use of software that will print the details for your clients with your company logo and contact information.

Various workbooks


Why write your own workbook when you can use ours! You can sell this as an e-book or print copies. Your company logo will be on the cover and you can add contact pages or advertise your products and services inside.

Our White Label solutions allow you to use our content but place your company logo and contact information on them instead. Build instant credibility in your market and with your client base.

Customized Covers

Extra Credit Book


Not only will you be able to have a customized cover (if you want) but you will get to write the foreword and have your name listed on the cover. You can order the books in bulk and use them for promotional purposes.

The Graduates Guide to Life and Money


Same concept as Extra Credit, but this book is written for the 22-35 year old crowd. Perhaps closer to your target market. Imagine having books in your office or on your website that shows your name on the cover for writing the foreword.

Training and Seminars


If you are looking for a certification to teach personal finance or work with college students, a certification program is available.

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Training & Keynotes

We offer keynotes and breakout sessions for your conferences and events. We cover all topics related to personal finance or financial education.

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PowerPoint Presentations

Classroom engagement

Free Classroom Slides

Free presentation slides with notes for the classroom. The slides are based on The Money Professors' books for college students.


Paid Presentation Slides

Need some ideas for presenting financial education to adult learners? If you can't bring The Money Professors to your event, then at least use some of their quality material, with notes!

Additional Resources



Many of our popular seminars can also be delivered as webinars. If you want to add value to your list members or your audience in a web format, let The Money Professors deliver educational value in a 30-, 60-, or 90-minute webinar. Combine our Debt to Dollars webinar with our affiliate program and you can actually provide value and generate income at the same time!

Let Us Help Move Your Business Forward

We will continue to develop content you can use to move your business forward. Whether you are counseling, coaching or educating, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to deliver top-quality content and resources for your clients.