Make Money Blogging

Resources, Recommendations, and Reality Checks


There are a ton of resources available to help get you started on your path to make money blogging. There are actually so many that they can become distractions - and the next thing you know, you are wasting hundreds of hours and not getting anywhere. Here are the resources we recommend including some good free reading material to help you get started.

Learn Blogging

This section is all about the basics. The resources to get you started before you actually begin...


Blog Posts

Choosing a Name

Blogging 101 - Introduction to Blogging Online Course

Set Up Your Blog

Now that you understand the basics, it is finally time to get into the slightly more technical stuff and actually set up your blog. You will choose a blog name, register the name, set up a host, etc.


Blogging 201 - The Technical Stuff Online Course

Step 1 - Where to Host

Step 2 - What Platform to Use

Step 3 - Choosing a Theme

Step 4 - PlugIns

Step 5 - Mail Tools

Step 6 - Software

Grow Your Audience

This section has resources available to help grow your audience and bring visitors to your blog


Blogging 301 - Marketing and Growing Your Blog - Online Course

Image Tools

Social Media Tools

Monetize Your Blog

Nothing is more fun than seeing other people read what you write - except when they pay you!


Blogging 401 - Making Money - Online Course

Affiliate Programs


Creating Your Own Products

Shopping Carts

Take it To the Next Level

Beyond traffic and subscribers, this is where you take your blog and make it a business


Blogging 499 - Advanced Blogging

Sales Funnels


Time Management

Business 101 - Introduction to starting and running a Business - Online Course

Let Us Help Move Your Blog Forward

We will continue to develop content you can use to move your blog/business forward. No matter what your blog's niche we can help you determine where to get traffic, what incentive to offer for your email signup, how to create training or products and ultimately how to run your business and make an income.