Investment research – entry 002

(This post is part of a series of posts about being an investor newbie)

So far I have decided that I will invest $1,000 but I wanted to start from the beginning… a new investor who knows nothing. I mentioned last week that I spent over $100 on books for research (this is in addition to the $1,000 I will invest). If you have not read the first entry, click here to get caught up. That brings me to this week…

I decided I still need to do more research and at least complete one book on investing. So I wrapped up my reading of How to Make Money in Stocks. The book was great and they even have a short quiz in the back so you can check your knowledge and view charts and see if and when you would have purchased stock. I wasn’t sure I would complete the book this week since I was planning a trip to visit family for the weekend. But, as fate would have it, I was trying to hurry to get things done and ended up tearing two ligaments in my ankle (bad ankle sprain). So, no trip, just stayed home. Bummer for me, but I finished the book and I will have a bonus entry this week – Choosing an Online Brokerage Firm.

I am not done learning everything I can about the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks. Oh, and I will explain those more in detail as they become clear to me. I don’t want to steer you the wrong way until I have a better grasp. I can say I am interested in understanding the strength of the companies I invest in based on various measures and ratios, and I want to understand their chart history as well.

I have looked at The site seems very useful, although it seems that everything on the site has a teaser amount of information available. They want you to subscribe to Investor’s Business Daily (which seems to be Wall Street Journal on steroids) along with some other services. I will continue to research these as well, including pricing and report back to you. I wasn’t even sure what the prices are yet. I have learned that there is no shortage in different groups, companies, individuals, etc. who claim to have THE BEST and easiest way to choose the best stock picks. Time to sift through the noise. Until next time…

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