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Mortgage Tips

There are tons of different mortgage options available depending on an individual’s circumstances. There are options based on where you are purchasing, your military service, low-income, first-time buyer, etc. You can also choose different options based on how much of a down payment you can afford. And finally, you can decide how long you will […]

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S.P.E.N.D. Your Way to Financial Success

Make more money! That is the solution most people look to when they try to fix their finances. Let’s face it; there is no easy way to simply make more money, especially in this economy. Plus, that is the kind of thinking that leads to getting scammed or falling for ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. Those do nothing […]

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Boomerang – College Grads Returning Home

It’s that time of year when college seniors walk across the stage, throw their caps in the air, pack their stuff and move… back home. Sounds like four years, $50,000 spent with $27,000 still owed in student loans was well worth it. After all, for four years there was a false sense of semi-independence. Now, […]

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