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Money Matters – How to Get a Job

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) —In this week’s Money Matters, PVCC Professor Bill Pratt (The Money Professors) spoke about ways that college graduates can increase their chances of finding a job after graduation. For more information on the topic, see our blog post: The 7 Steps for College Grads to Get a Job.

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The 7 Steps for College Grads to Get a Job

Jobs. Every College Graduate wants one. They study hard for years, sacrifice to make ends meet, graduate with student loan debt, and still don’t have a job lined up at graduation. What can they do? Well, there are lots of articles out there that provide tips. But how many tips can you read? I read […]

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What College Grads Need to Know

For so many college students, after surviving four or more years of being just about broke all the time (except mysteriously on weekends where they seem to have an endless supply of funds), they just cannot wait to start getting their first real paychecks from their first real job. After having survived on just $6,000 […]

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