Amazon Prime Student: Free for Six Months

Amazon Prime Student: Six Months Free

If you are a college student then you need Amazon Prime Student. Right now, you can get it free for 6 months. If you choose to keep it after the 6-mont trial period, you will get it half price! Check out our mini-review:

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is a discounted version of Amazon Prime. It offers free 2-day shipping on your orders from Amazon. But that is just the beginning. You get:

  1. Free 2-day shipping
  2. Unlimited streaming music
  3. Instant access to video streaming with thousands of movies and TV shows
  4. Free unlimited photo storage
  5. 30-minute early access to select Amazon Lightning Deals
  6. Includes over 800,000 free ebooks

How much is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime costs $99 per year. Amazon Prime Student only costs $49 per year (half price) but comes with the first 6 months free! How do they do it? First, the trial period of Amazon Prime Student does not include access to the e-book library or the streaming music. Is this critical? Not really, since it is free. And most students can do without extra reading (since they already have to read for class) and have other music streaming services. Most people enjoy Amazon Prime for the free 2-day shipping alone. The other benefits are just icing on the cake!

How Do I Qualify for Amazon Prime Student?

To get access to Amazon Prime Student you will need an email address that ends in “.edu”. I am not sure if this is available in countries other than the U.S. If your particular college does not use the “.edu” email address extension, then you will have to contact Amazon through the Amazon Prime Student application form and they will request some other information to verify that you are, indeed, a student.

If you are a parent, you can purchase the regular Amazon Prime membership (with 30 days free trial) and add your kids as household members of Amazon Prime. With this feature you can have up to two adults and 4 child profiles! Think about how much cheaper it will be to send stuff to your child at college with free 2-day shipping!

What are the Negatives of Amazon Prime?

As with any great deal there must be a downside, right?

  1. Well, after the trial period there is a $49 annual fee (or $99 for non-students using the regular Prime membership). That is still relatively inexpensive. It only takes a few free 2-day shipments to break even.
  2. You might be tempted to spend more money since shipping is free and the item will arrive in just a few short days! Try to limit to purchases you need to make anyway.
  3. The student membership will end after 4 years (or graduation, whichever comes first). At that point you will have to cancel the membership, or convert it to a regular Prime membership.
  4. Not everything is eligible for Prime benefits. Only items marked Prime will get the free 2-day shipping. The same is true of movies, shows and books. They have a large Prime selection, but it does not include everything.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it! I highly recommend giving Amazon Prime Student a try for all college students since there is no cost for 6 full months. The free 2-day shipping is a real cost-saver as well as a convenience for the whole family. If you are worried about forgetting to cancel in 6-months, just set a reminder on your phone or calendar. You can cancel in just a few clicks before the 6-month trial period ends. In the meantime enjoy the streaming movies and shows and free 2-day shipping!

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